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" In its relatively short period Coal FE Resources has achieved a number of significant milestones. The most obvious one has been its success in accumulating a large exploration tenement position with known and establish coal resources in Indonesia"

I look forward to welcome you as a shareholders and together with your financial support we shall build up this Company and realise its vision and mission.


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The Senior Management are as follows:

Coal FE Resources Limited

Mr. Robert Swarbrick
Managing Director

Cheng Jew Keng
Operations Director

Faris Azmi Abdul Rahman
Finance Director

PT Techventure Indocoal

Ooi Kok Beng
President Director

Mr Ooi Kok Beng has been appointed President Director of PT Techventure Indocoal since 19 November 2009.

Gunawan Sukardi Subur
President Commissioner

Mr Gunawan Sukardi Subur has been appointed Director of PT Techventure Indocoal since date of incorporation.

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Coal FE Resources
Board of Directors
Management Team
Corporate Structure

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